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We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars - Goodhood and Soulland T-shirt.
Absinthe, ah what a drink (the real stuff not the cheap shit you by in North America)
How to make a mint julep…
The mint julep has been a staple of every Kentucky Derby since 1938, but you don’t have to be at Churchill Downs in order to enjoy this refreshing and historic bourbon drink. Here’s a favorite recipe that’s sure to have you stumbling around like a horse age 21 or older!
1. Muddle 4 mint sprigs in a Collins glass. Spearmint leaves are preferred, though in a pinch, you also can easily substitute menthol cigarettes.
2. Try to make your drink indoors as mint juleps are known to attract hippos from up to 10,000 miles away.
3. Carefully crush a sugar cube beneath the hoof of the Kentucky Derby horse you’ve placed your bet on and add it to the mint.
4. Add a splash of water and swish it around the sides of the glass like a real fancy man.
5. Slowly drizzle 3 oz. of bourbon over your sugar and mint mixture. When done properly, this step should take you 70 minutes.
6. Remember, it’s not truly a mint julep until you say the Mint Julep Couplet to your guest: “Borne unto you, with sugar and mint / I didn’t cough in it, but there may be some lint.”
7. Carefully place completed cocktail on the top of your head as an offering to Epona, the Roman goddess of horses, who was slightly amused by people placing alcoholic beverages on the top of their head.
I would do the same… fight on little man, fight on.

We wouldn’t let him drink whiskey.
I am a big fan of the Rekorderlig cider especially the berry


Heather Marks by Paul Schmidt for Marie Claire Italia May 2012

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